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Prime Path of exile Builds for Marauder Chieftain

The Chieftain focuses on dealing fire harm. The Chieftain can do that either by himself or by way of his totems which benefit in the defensive nodes within this tree. Now PoeCurrencyBuy shares with you Top rated 4 Path of exile Builds for Marauder Chieftain. PoeCurrencyBuy as a professional Poe Currency site provides protected, rapid and low-cost Poe Orbs for you. With over ten years of excellence, we have served a large number of shoppers. If you are hesitating where to purchase Poe Exalted Orb, PoeCurrencyBuy will likely be a fantastic option.

Prime Path of exile Builds for Marauder Chieftain

TOP#1 The Endgame Incinerator - Chieftain - Below 100C - INCINERATE THE SHAPER
This Class is an endgame viable(in softcore) incinerate totem make. It may kill all T15 map bosses, uber atziri, the Vaal temple trio, all guardians, as well as the shaper. Doing several of the highest content material deathless is hard. However, it is achievable with enough ability.
The content material this build can clear:
* Uber lab
* Common Atziri
* Each T15 boss in different corrupted maps. This construct handles this content very easily.
* Vaal temple. This can also be conveniently handled.
* Each guardian. You do have to roll affordable mods even though. Confirmed in two.four.1.
* Uber atziri (ugly run, but much more skilled play could do it deathless)
* SHAPER. (2.4.0, but you essentially maintain your DPS much better in case your totems do not taunt)

Create Pros
* Strong, clear speed for not much investment, even in parties
* Can run any person map mod and all but the pretty worst combinations(twinned GMP core eater of souls is just not a good notion).
* Incinerate totems demolish the screen with as much as 600k DPS(RF and elemental overload up, incinerate at complete energy, 50%+ fire penetration)
* Tabula friendly
* Seldom takes hits due to totem taunts.

Make Cons
* Leveling isn't the most beneficial practical experience before Siosa.
* Life is on the low side; you can take the smaller hits but not the crazy one-shots.
* Some individuals don't appreciate totems.

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Top#2 : End-Game Lazy Chieftain Flame Totem Build
In this construct I focused on large DPS along with a bit on survivability. Construct is hybrid life + energy shield (Mind more than Matter + Eldritch Battery combo) and utilizes Blood Magic. Chieftain due to the fact Totems leech life for you, taunts enemy and immune to reflect.
This is not super meta OP construct. This is an easy develop allows you to play endgame content. You could do ALL MAP MODS contain: no mana regen, no leech, physical and elemental damage reflection, blood magic. It's NOT the most effective league starter construct mainly because it is quite slow to level up in the beginning.
You as well as your totems have life leech! (Hinekora, Death's Fury);
Totems taunts every little thing, Unique Bosses as well (Yokohama War's Herald);
Totems immune to fire damage, so fully immune to elemental reflect (Yokohama War's Herald);
You can have up to 60% Fire Penetration. Typical monsters have 0% fire res with your 60% fire Penetration monsters have -60% Fire Res (so You do 60% far more damage);
Do not require any legacy things!
Why not use a Staff with +1 to all gems and +2 to fire gems?
For the reason that I like Whirling Blades! And also the best staff is a lot worse than great rare dagger + shield. Soon after update 2.5.0, you can use Yokohama's, Fortress Shield.
Immediately after nerf Crit daggers (80% to 50% International Crit Chance Implicit). You'll be able to make an effort to use Wand/Sceptre with Flame Dash/Shield Charge as an alternative to Whirling Blades.

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Top#3: Meatball Totem - Video Guide - all map mods T15 - HC - SSF - Price range
In the event you in search of that make, you understand the one which can run all map mods no matter mixture on all tiers. Survive these moments when a thing epic takes place on Game of Thrones, and you are not watching. Do practically all the content the game has on the present without having to farm some 40ex worth of gear on some boring meta construct? Then welcome to my very first build guide, Meatball/Firestorm Totem!
My aim is always to make this a thing players that are new to Path of Exile can understand and take pleasure in while also giving veterans (or rabid totem fanatics like myself) a thing to sink their teeth into and bounce feedback off of. I've been looting and murdering in Wraeclast due to the fact beta and have loved totems, discovering ways to maintain them competitive without sticking towards the FOTM is always a challenge! But by way of thousands of hours of experimentation I've located a totem create that does not need to sacrifice survivability in favor of crit to scale into late game like most totem builds (and no this is not pizza sticks). Instead, we abuse the wonderful mechanic recognized as "overlap" which will be explained as we delve deeper into the depths of this guide, take pleasure in!
Build Pros:
+ Quite tanky using leech
+ five.5k MINIMUM overall health with a Tabula/SotL
+ Pretty spending budget
+ Easy to play
+ Totems taunt
+ Immune to reflect
+ Can run Every map mod
+ Solo Self Identified viable
+ HC protected!
Build Cons:
- Is not going to "melt" bosses
- Totems are certainly not for everybody (passive playstyle)
- Uber lab necessary for leech (may struggle previous T11 devoid of it)
- Hard to 4 or five key Uber Lab resulting from totems melting the entire screen
- Individuals will ask why you aren't just playing Warchief totems
- Not Shaper viable

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Top#4: Yokohama's Ascendant [Chieftain] Sire of Shards Fireball Totems
Because of the release of Atlas of Worlds, Fireball got an enormous 50% much more dmg multiplier on Level 20; essentially it is viable suitable from the beginning. People may have found really like into Flameblast Totems, but IMO Sire of Shards-Fireball has improved clear speed, due to the fact it scales from much more sources as an alternative to just from are (Spell, Fire, Projectile, AoE). It has also constructed in likelihood to ignite, which doesn't sound that helpful but is remarkable for Chieftain. I tried some other spells as well, like Magma orb and Flame Totem, but decided to stick with Fireball, because it has the most satisfying clear speed IMO
Construct Pros:
-Damage scales truly properly into late game (even with 5L without fire pen)
-good clear speed
-HC viable because of tankyness (playing in SC myself although)
-budget friendly (most products self-found/cheap)
-Blood Magic with numerous regen (you can run devoid of, but would will need an extra mana flask)
-Immune to reflect
-Pretty safe against Detonate Dead (only with Pyre)
-can actually play all map mods
Build Cons:
-...except some crazy shit like 174% quantity with crit, atk/cast speed, temp chains... you will get the idea
-chain mod is definitely the hardest to run, but nonetheless viable
-no regen maps also doable, but not preferable in high tier maps
-lacks a bit mobility with only flame dash and one quicksilver flask
-Uber Lab is really a bit tough initially try, afterwards farmable, but...
-...cannot farm Uber lab nicely (4 key runs practically not possible, due to to a lot AoE)
-slow at Leveling until you get your Sire of Shards equipped (Leveling  as melee to this point is preferred and transition operates Levelingeffectively, due to the fact most early nodes added benefits both caster and melee as well)

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